Dumpster Tips from DB Disposal

Waste area safety tips:

To ensure safety try to maintain your container clear and safely accessible.

Avoid service delays:

In order to avoid service delays, ensure that your container is accessible by not having vehicles/materials in front or to the side of the container. Also, any gates should be unlocked prior to service.

Reducing odor in your waste area:

By bagging your waste tightly before placing it in the container, you can help reduce the spread of bacteria and minimize odors.

Loading your container:

It is crucial that you do not fill the container above the Maximum Loading Level as we will not be able to haul it in that condition- if you have more garbage than usual on a consistent basis, we can assist in increasing your container size (see above) or servicing your location more frequently.

Restricted items:

Please refrain from disposing of paint, paint thinners, oil, oil filters, hazardous waste, liquids, medical waste, tires in our containers.