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Compactor Trash haUling

Compactor Trash Hauling with DB Disposal


Frustrated by trash pile-up, odor, and high costs for waste removal?


Our customers save money, reduce odor, and have freedom from their current hauler’s sub-par equipment. They can focus on the work that makes their business succeed.


With a wide range of equipment and purchase or rental options, we can help determine a solution that works best for your business needs. Every location is unique, so we coordinate a visit from a skilled technician to understand the installation requirements. After information is collected and reviewed, we’ll recommend a machine that meets safety requirements, increases diversion rates and improves your operations.


We have compactors for:

• dry waste

• wet waste streams

• recyclables

• space-restricted areas &

• specialty disposal circumstances.


Compactors can hold up to four times more waste than an open top solution which can mean reducing hauling frequency by approximately 70% and offer a variety of benefits including:

• Cleaner and safer facilities, reducing risk of theft, vandalism and vermin and loose material

• Reduced wear and tear on surrounding facility due to less frequent hauling

• Easy operation and limited maintenance requirements


Have a customer owned compactor or third-party rental? Let us handle the hauling to dispose of your regular trash and recycled items. Maximize your space and minimize your cost!



Self-Contained Compactors



Self-contained compactors are ideal for wet waste processing. They are highly effective at keeping the area clean and odors at a minimum. The high amount of compaction will reduce the number of hauls and your costs.



• Retail

• Restaurants

• Grocery Stores

• Property Managers

• Hospitals / Healthcare

• Government / Municipalities Schools/Universities


Vertical Compactors



Vertical trash compactors with containers are ideal for applications where space for a compaction system is limited, or where roll-off collection service is not available. This compactor is designed to handle dry or wet waste.



• Grocery Stores Retail

• Restaurants

• Gas Stations

• Property Managers

• Hospital / Healthcare

• Government / Municipalities

• Schools / Universities


Stationary Compactors



Stationary Compactors are your best compaction value. Built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial situations, they effectively reduce solid-waste material to a fraction of its original size.



• Industry/Manufacturing

• Property Managers

• Warehouses / Distribution

• Government / Municipalities

• Schools / Universities